Global Live

Is a company dedicated to broadcast events and shows through the multimedia platform, Which the public required and demands today on streaming through all social medias avenues and received live interaction with your viewers in real time enriching the transmissions.

Simultaneously we can broadcast and integrate social media apps, such as:

These are excellent tools to stay in touch with your usual audience, as well to attract new viewers, i.e., potential customers.

We are the perfect company to make your Tv Show in social network, Radio FM and Television.

We Can broadcast your shows from:

As well we have the integrations of live 3D emotions and comments in the screen will give you a 100% interactive with your potential customers.

Your viewers and followers can interact with you with: PC, Laptops Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets and Radio FM onreal time.

Business Events

Pay per View

Business Events




Among many other events, any scenario is possible to transmit it live with the power of streaming.

Professional Mobile Broadcast Station

In Global live we have all the necessary equipment to carry out these transmissions in real time over the Internet from any place and can thus engage demanding hearings today. Allowing for example broadcast events of any size in a professional manner, for which the public requires and demands today on streaming through these social platforms and to receive the time and interact with your viewers in real time enriching the transmission to demand.

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15 Min Broadcast for your business.

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